This week we unfortunately talk Victor Salva, shed light on canines that shed black hair, and review coming of age nightmare, ‘Super Dark Times’.

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    October 12, 2017 at 8:51 AM

    Hey guys. Apologies for comment length and for stopping the podcast midway through to type this up! I’m a British guy and black dogs are pretty much the only potentially supernatural phenomena that I have any kind of personal experience with. As you mentioned they seem to crop up more commonly on this side of the pond so I thought I’d share my tale.

    I’m now 32 but as a callow youth of 16 or 17 would spend many evenings walking with my friends around the local woodlands. Said woods had a large rocky outcropping nearby that was locally known as ‘Devil’s Rock’ – the legend being that a shoe print-shaped indentation on the top of one of the large boulders had been left by the devil.

    A friend and I were walking along the path that led by devil’s rock one evening. It was summer and while it was late in the day still quite light. The little track had farmland on one side (separated from the track by a dry stone wall) and on the other some brush and foliage until you got close to the rock, where it fell away around 20ft.

    As we approached the rock there was a rustle in the foliage and a huge, black, mastiff-type dog scrambled up onto the path and stopped there. Neither of us are scared of dogs but this big boy froze us in place. It straddled the path and eyed us up for a good minute or so before scampering away back into the foliage.

    It wasn’t unusual to see dogs on the path but this wasn’t one we’d ever seen before and it had struck us both as odd – not barking, approaching or running away. Just blocking our path. It also seemed odd that, once we’d set off walking again, we saw no sign of an owner or anybody else for that matter.

    Last month I went on a weekend away to Belgium with my two older brothers (11 and 8 years older than me, respectively) and, after a few Belgian beers in Antwerp’s oldest pub, we’d got onto the topic of ‘creepy stuff’. Despite not really thinking it was anything other than an encounter with a scary dog I related the story, since it took place around a local landmark that had a spooky reputation.

    At this point BOTH of my brothers (neither of whom are prone to tall tales or of particular interest in the supernatural) nodded and interrupted to tell me their own, separate stories of an encounter with a large, sinister-seeming black dog up on the same track up to devil’s rock. Curiously neither of them seemed at all surprised that I had a similar story to tell! Considering our age differences I’d estimate that these ‘sightings’ would’ve taken place over the space of at least 15 years, which I guess means it could’ve just been the same grumpy-ass dog that lived nearby – but would you really let your huge, intimidating dog roam free on a path frequented by ramblers and dog-walkers?

    Thanks for the podcast, guys xx

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