A 666-Character Review of ‘XX’

XX is an anthology horror film featuring four shorts written and produced by women. The shorts go in the following order: “The Box,” “Birthday Party,” “Don’t Fall,” and “Her Only Living Son.” There doesn’t seem to be an overarching tie-in like most anthologies, but each film is separated by disturbing, story-book-like scenes that should be certified nightmare fuel. Unfortunately, the only segment that truly excited me was “Don’t Fall,” which featured some great creature/gore effects. Otherwise, “The Box” I’m not sure I fully understood, “Birthday Party” was great, but felt more like a dark comedy, and “Her Only Living Son,” was predictable and unoriginal. While all of the shorts were certainly well done and quite enjoyable, I found the overall film a bit disappointing scare-wise.

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Felicia Schembari

Felicia Schembari

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