A 666-Character Review Of ‘Preacher: The Possibilities’

The town is shocked at the miracle Jesse performed: getting a comatose girl to open her eyes. Jesse shows Cassidy his new powers by making him do silly things. As he uses these powerful commands, his demeanor gets more sinister. Is it a side effect of his power? The same thing happens when he uses his power in anger against Donnie. He strengthens his resolve to be a good person and stay to protect and improve his town. Odin Quincannon continues to be powerful and enigmatic, but I want to see him in full villain mode. Cassidy strikes a bargain with DeBlanc and Fiore who claim they’re from heaven and want to take back Jesse’s power. Considering it involves a chainsaw and a celestial coffee can, I don’t think they’ll succeed any time soon. This episode was a little slow, but I’m eager to see what’s next.

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Elizabeth Talbott

Elizabeth Talbott

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