A 666-Character Review Of ‘Preacher: Sundowner’

This episode starts with a bang as a seraphim discovers Fiore and DeBlanc are on Earth without permission. The bodies keep piling up as the angels die and come back over and over in a display of funny, comic book violence. Afterward, Jesse refuses to give up Genesis, the power to compel people with his commands. Eugene experiences acceptance and friendship for the first time since his failed suicide attempt in some genuinely heartwarming scenes. He doesn’t feel he deserves them because it was earned from Jesse’s power. Jesse shows just how much wielding Genesis has corrupted him by stating that he will force people to do what’s right, completely ignoring free will. His ego is pretty ridiculous and I hope he gets knocked down a peg or two, especially after what he does at the end of the episode.

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Elizabeth Talbott

Elizabeth Talbott

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