A 666-Character Review Of ‘Penny Dreadful: A Blade Of Grass’

Dr. Seward allows Vanessa access to repressed memories from the insane asylum with hypnosis. The plot comes to a standstill with this episode, but I didn’t mind it. Caliban’s human self was an orderly that at first mechanically took care of her needs and then slowly got to know her. The relationship is sweet and well developed over a series of daily interactions. Eva Green amazes with her range of emotion, going from defeated to triumphant in the face of two evils, Dracula and Lucifer, who look to claim her. Even though she is at her lowest, she doesn’t let herself submit to either in this twisted love triangle and stands strong against them. The ending scene between the orderly and Vanessa made me cry because he did everything he could to make her feel loved and cared for during her darkest hour.

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Elizabeth Talbott

Elizabeth Talbott

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