A 666-Character Review Of ‘Daylight’s End’

Vampires have taken over the world, leaving humans hiding in small colonies and struggling to survive. Newcomer Rourke gains entry to an established group of survivors by saving a member and joins forces to help rid them of a powerful vampire. Vampires are given a zombie twist with infections through bites and a mindless drive to feed. Their only difference from zombies was their reaction to sunlight. It left me wanting something else to set them apart. Another threat to the survivors is other humans in marauders who treat people like objects to be stolen and used. The film stays within the tropes of the zombie and action genres. The acting can be melodramatic at times and the rock score overpowers every scene it’s in. Daylight’s End is a fun mashup of genres that stays in familiar territory.

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Byron McKoy

Byron McKoy

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