A 666-character review of ‘Dave Made a Maze’

Dave Made a Maze has to be one of the most charmingly inventive horror movies I’ve ever come across, so much so that it’s hard to even classify it as horror. The blood and guts are confetti and silly string. The monsters and traps are cardboard and tape. The group of maze wanderers are wide-eyed creative types, oblivious to the danger they’re inviting on themselves. It’s a whimsical piece of indie filmmaking with an all too real type of horror under the cut up cardboard sets and peculiar performances of quirky characters. Themes of failure, of relationships, of unfulfillment, and of wasted talent permeate the story with nearly too much subtlety.  It’s a personal and humanistic concept of horror that won’t resonate with everyone, but for those it does resonate with, it will do so effectively.

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