A 666-Character Review of ‘A Dark Song’

Liam Gavin’s grim story of a hate-filled grieving woman and a disturbed occultist dares to focus on the ritual and pain one goes through for Earthly redemption. Gavin expertly shows how heavy, horrid, and time-consuming black magic rituals would be—yes, an aspiring occultist needs more than a Ouija Board to move heaven and hell. In addition to expert writing, the film also features emotional performances from Susan Loughnane and Steve Oram. The reluctant couple’s relationship is enthralling and heart-wrenching. A Dark Song is filled with convincing conventional scares that display how horrific and awe-inspiring angels and demons coming for one’s soul could be.

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Abbie Stutzer

Abbie Stutzer

Writer, editor, and owner of Ginchy!, a freelance writing and editing company, and home funeral hub. Adores smart sex ed, sustainable ag, spooky history, women's health, feminism, horror, wine, and sci-fi.

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