On February 18th, people began reporting a strange object over Lake Winnipeg. Soon after, the object crashed and pictures were taken of Canadian Military vehicles arriving to the site, which is apparently in the Kinonjeoshtegon First Nation, also known as Jackhead Indian Reservation, in Manitoba, Canada. Some witnesses even claim to have seen a disc being pulled from the lake by Military personnel.  Lt.-Col. Paul Davies claims the military was on site for nothing more than a routine training, and that there was no UFO.  Witnesses say otherwise.

More frightening, it sounds as though some people who saw the craft have been detained by the military, and others have been threatened.  The ThirdPhaseMoon live radio blog cast, on Friday, February 20 featured callers from Manitoba who shared their first-hand stories of the incident. Interestingly, over the hour-long show, the callers were consistently disconnected and the host felt that there was deliberate interference taking place. Some eye witness texts were shared during the live broadcast:

  • “Your government needs you.  Keep quiet” pointing  a finger at them.
  • “They told us we have one hour to evacuate.”
  • “That’s all I’m allowed to say.”
  • “Don’t send to anyone.” (implied text message)

The host also said he had photos of the object that he thought were authentic, but could not post them on You Tube until he received consent from the senders, and the senders had been cut off from communication with anyone outside of the territory. He described the pictures as having a “definite structure” and a size of approximately 40 – 50 feet.

With only 229 residents of this reservation, and so many reports of this incident, it is pretty difficult to ignore. Here is a photo that was posted to Facebook, showing a strange object protruding from the snow in the lower left hand corner.  The photo was obviously sent as a text message, and reports are that it has been removed from Facebook multiple times.  What is going on in Canada?!

Canadian UFO pic



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