Sins from the past return to terrorize the present in this shocker from a producer of Halloween. When recent college grad Regan goes to a family’s house to babysit their daughter for the weekend, she invites her three best gal pals along. What starts as a girls’ getaway becomes a journey into hell, as the young women discover the house is haunted by a dark and violent history involving a Nazi (Wishmaster’s Andrew Divoff), his daughter, and an ancient artifact that feeds on fear.

Horror tropes are tropes for a reason: because for the most part, they’re effective. Spooky children are one of the few things that make me cringe every time. The Hatred appears to be, for the most part, just another haunted house flick, but maybe more? The first part of the trailer seems to suggest some cult elements, perhaps?

Find out how gas masks, Nazi paraphernalia, and shady robed characters tie in to the paranormal events of the present by checking out The Hatred now.


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Felicia Schembari

Felicia Schembari

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