A wealthy young man is conned into staging a fake kidnapping in order to be a hero and win the affection of a girl he’s madly in love with. But when one of the hired kidnappers is accidentally killed during the charade, he’s forced to actually save her life while not revealing that it’s been a ruse all along.

While Get the Girl comes from Eric England, the director of Contracted, it reads like more of a cross between You’re Next and The Game (1997). Justin Dobies plays Clarence, an entitled jerkoff who feels the need to manipulate a woman into going on a date with him. The film appears to follow Murphy’s Law, which is appropriate given the idiocy of Clarence’s friends who set up the whole ordeal. With splashes of comedic relief, this violent thriller bends genre boundaries to appeal to a wider audience.

All in all, it looks like a fun movie. I can’t wait to root again 99% of the characters, and I really hope he doesn’t get the girl.

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Maggie Iken

Maggie Iken

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