This week, Kelly & Sam’s hands are too slick with suntan location to record, …also they’re miles away celebrating a tropical anniversary, so you’re in for a treat!

Enjoy this free preview of our Brew Original Series, “It’s Been a Weird Week”. The show where we talk about the strange, spooky, and bizarre events from around the globe. 

If you enjoy our new project, download the Brew app from the Apple App Store

And for those who have been asking, an Android Beta is now live!

There, you can subscribe for all past and future episodes of the our show, including interviews with Karl Pheifer (director of Hellier), another great conversation with cryptozoologist Seth Breedlove about Bigfoot, and a bunch of other exclusive content for free, for 30 days

(After that, it’s only $4.99 a month. That’s like…an expensive cup of coffee).

As a thank you for making us look good to our new bosses, we’d like to give back.

If you screenshot yourself having subscribed to “It’s Been a Week Weird”, and email it to…we’ll straight up send you an enamel pin!

I repeat…send you a free pin.

(Just included your mailing address in the email).

And one lucky person will receive a prize package with a hoodie, shirt, two pins, stickers, DVDs, and a string board starter kit.

Thank you so much for your support of this new series.

The revenue we’re receiving from this is allowing us more time to focus on the content of Frightday, and we’re really grateful for that. 

-B, K, & S

Byron McKoy

Byron McKoy

Editor-in-Chief/Art Director/Podcast Host
Mumblehorror connoisseur, murderologist, a bit of a ghoul.

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