A 666-Character Review Of ‘Kill List’

Jay is traumatized by a failed military mission in Kiev and doesn’t work for over a year. Tensions rise in his marriage and he accepts a hit man job to keep his family afloat that becomes darker than he expects. The film is like 3 in 1. It starts with a Jay’s collapsing marriage. Interactions with his wife Shel range from loving and sweet to abusive and raging. Their realistic relationship still has moments of happiness even when temper flare. The second part is a crime thriller as Jay and his partner murder 3 men for their employer, but Jay makes their deaths especially messy when he discovers their disgusting crimes. The end of the film is foreshadowed in the second part in odd moments that are easily overlooked. It blindsided me. Kill List is a masterfully crafted film with an explosive ending.

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Elizabeth Talbott

Elizabeth Talbott

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