A 666-Character Review Of ‘Antibirth’

Lou is a woman not even remotely interested or suited to be a mother. After night of heavy drinking and drugs, she finds herself pregnant, but isn’t sure with what. I expected this to be a delightfully disgusting body horror film. It didn’t quite deliver. Although it had some impressive moments of body horror, this aspect got lost in a bunch of other plot points that made the film more confusing. The middle of the film slowed to a crawl and didn’t have much direction. The disjointed timeline had me thinking I missed a scene or four, but it got me to relate more to Lou and see from her view. The aesthetics are surreal and disconcerting with nightmarish figures and psychedelic colors, but it can come off as either cartoonish or downright disturbing. Antibirth is a bizarre and confusing experience.

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Elizabeth Talbott

Elizabeth Talbott

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