Most of us know the story: eccentric widow and heiress to the Winchester fortune, believing her home to be haunted by all those killed by a Winchester Rifle, instructs countless workers to continue ceaseless, round-the-clock, and often nonsensical construction of the mansion in order to keep the spirits at bay.

Well, this is that.

Writer/Director Michael Spierig brings his interpretation of events preceding the San Jose mansion’s tourist-trap status to the big screen.

If this is all coming off rather cynical, then I suppose I’ve shown my hand. The trailer has every supernatural horror gimmick known to man condensed into a minute and a half. Possessions, creepy children, jumpscares, levitation, etc. I can’t say I have high hopes, but, I mean, it can’t be all bad if Helen Mirren is in it, right?…Right? Either way, it could be a fun, PG-13 theatrical horror release to enjoy with your laissez-faire horror friends and an audience full of normies.

Winchester hits theaters February 2nd. Have your popcorn ready.

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Felicia Schembari

Felicia Schembari

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