Is 2018 the year of Cage? Arriving shortly after the recently released Mom & Dad, Nicolas Cage once again finds himself in a horror/thriller film. Swapping black comedy and extreme violence for a more stylistic thriller, Looking Glass appears to blend thrills, sexuality, violence, and mystery. Cage plays Ray, who together with his wife Maggie (Robin Tunney), purchase an old, run down motel in what appears to be the desolate South West. Cage soon discovers hidden passageways that give him voyeuristic views into customers’ rooms. Things soon take a turn for the worst, when one of his guests ends up dead. Now, Cage is left trying and figure out who killed her, while being the subject of investigation by both the police, and suspicious local town folk.

We get a gorgeous trailer, which takes visual cues from the likes of Itallian Giallo all the way to modern neo noirs. Set primarily at night, everything is illuminated through very vibrant neon lights, casting their bright, saturated colors all over the frame. The trailer does a great job at showing just enough for the viewer to get an idea of what to expect, without giving too much of the story away.

Directed by Tim Hunter, who has recently been dabbling in television with directing credits on such shows as Riverdale, The Blacklist, Wayward Pines, MTV’s Scream, Hannibal, and much more. Written by Jerry Rapp and Matthew Wilder, the latter having previously written another Nicolas Cage film, Dog Eat Dog. And co-starring Robin Tunney, who you’ll recognize as Sarah Bailey from 1996’s The Craft. If that isn’t enough to entice you, perhaps the R rating will.

Check in begins February 16th, 2018.

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Jacob Sever

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