Think Twice Before Arguing With Your Sibling – They Might Return From The Grave to Exact Revenge

Can you imagine anything more terrifying than being pinned to your bed by an invisible force? How about if you believed that force was the ghost of your dead brother?

Donna Ayres, in Blackpool, England, claims to have experienced exactly that.  She and her brother had a volatile relationship, and after he passed away in 2009, strange things started happening.  She has moved houses five times since then, hoping to escape the range of paranormal activities she has experienced, but the ghost seems to follow her.  She now believes that her brother’s ghost is deliberately haunting her – not a specific house.

With four children, Donna’s poltergeist began with loud bangs in the middle of the night, and scratches appearing on walls. She began trying to catch the activity by recording video, using her phone. These videos, available on YouTube, show movement of spoons, cups, and even a chandelier that appears ready to fall at any moment. Since posting the videos online, she claims the activity has increased – a change she attributes to angering the spirit of her brother by making the videos public.  As with any such case, there is a range of reactions to Donna’s videos – some claim they are obvious fakes, while others – including Sefton Paranormal – state they are absolutely authentic.  Watch the video below, and decide for yourself.

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