With season two of the smash hit Stranger Things coming out this Friday (October 27th), there’s no better time to refresh yourself on what happened in Hawkins, Indiana than right now. This is part two of a four part series recapping and reviewing the first season of the Netflix series. Spoilers ahead.

Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly
It’s hard to know what fans will latch onto or take issue with. For Stranger Things that was never more apparent than with Holly, Jolly. While Nancy and Steve are busy making out, Barb finds herself in the Upside Down, the otherworldly place where the monster from the series’ opening scene comes from.  This episode also features the iconic Christmas lights alphabet wall as Joyce makes progress with her search for Will. As far as the season’s structure goes, it feels like the last few pieces are now in place. Eleven’s history is explored, and Hawkins Laboratory gets fleshed out as well. However, things ultimately end on a dark note: Will is gone, Barb is dead, Joyce is attacked, and Jonathan is more of an outcast than before. It cements characters and desires, and is very important as an episode.


Chapter Four: The Body
The show is in full swing here. Chapter Four continues on with the three plotline structure of the series: the adults, the teens, and the kids. Joyce and Hopper continue their investigation, though it’s wearing on Hopper. Nancy and Jonathan start piecing together a timeline and what happened to Barb. Eleven lets Mike hear Will through his walkie talkie, and the boys decide to get her to a better radio. This episode has everything from a makeover montage to a full-blown conspiracy theory change-up at a morgue. It’s another example of the stellar storytelling of the Duffer Brothers, and gives hope for a future team-up as it’s clear now that all groups are, in their own ways, exploring the same mystery. If Stranger Things is a rollercoaster, The Body is the start of the climb before the big drop.


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