A reckless loner (Addison Timlin, Little Sister) sets out on a crime spree that she broadcasts on social media. After releasing a video of herself robbing a convenience store, she amasses a huge following. While traveling along the coast, she encounters a drifter, an Internet troll, and a paint huffing outsider who are all pulled into her circle of chaos, junk food, and drugs. Robert Mockler’s visually arresting debut feature, produced by indie horror veteran Larry Fessenden, takes the viewer into a world of fabricated personalities and offers a thought-provoking portrait of isolation in our increasingly digital world.

A 666-Character Review of ‘Like Me

From a purely visual standpoint, Like Me has a dark/neon aesthetic like one of those fuzzy velvet posters you look at under a blacklight. There isn’t a ton to glean regarding the plot based on the teaser, except that there will be a strong female lead, the Fess, and praiseful pull quotes. Trailers are meant to lure viewers in, and it achieves this with odd set design and dialogue without context.

If the trailer draws you in with its artsy, high contrast glow, you can catch it in select theaters in January and streaming in February.

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