Unfortunately, when the Russian KGB named their secret expedition to Egypt in 1961, they had no way of knowing that ISIS would be a title commandeered fifty years later by the Islamic State.  In 1998, the Sci-Fi channel obtained footage and documents, through a ‘mafia’ contact, related to this Project ISIS. The material detailed the supposed recovery of a sarcophagus containing an authentic ancient alien. Parts of this story are indisputable – Russian scientists definitely discovered an Egyptian tomb, near Giza, in 1961. The contents of that tomb have remained secret. If it wasn’t an alien in that tomb, why has the discovery remained a secret??

KGB documents indicate that two Bedouins originally discovered the tomb – sometimes referred to as “The Tomb of the Visitor”, and became immediately and severely ill, possibly as a result of an unidentified gas in the tomb.  The video of the KGB team entering the tomb also shows a strange gas that ultimately forced them to leave and return with protective masks and suits.  The team also included scientists and military experts.  It is thought that the Russians were worried about technology the US was developing in facilities such as Area 51, thus, when they heard about this strange tomb, they sought it out as a possible source of alien technology that they could use to compete with the U.S. Following the Suez Crisis of 1956, Egypt and the Soviets formed an alliance against Israel, France, and Britain, which set the stage for the cooperative expedition known as Project Isis.

According to the documents, which have been verified as authentic by independent Russian experts, carbon dating results showed the abnormally-tall body was between 10,000 and 13,000 years old. One document also includes a description of a strange property of the tomb walls.  “During the inspection of the walls we have noticed a strange repulsive force coming out of the walls.  We could not find any scientific explanation.”

Check out the video for yourself – what do you think?

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