I’ve been out of the toy game for a while.  Apparently, Mattel has a line of Monster-themed Barbie-like dolls, called the Monster High Dolls.  They are every bit as insanely disproportionate as your average Barbie, but they all each have a delightful Monster theme. Some include, “Vandala Doubloons™, Daughter of a Pirate Ghost; River Styxx™, Daughter of the Grim Reaper; Kiyomi Haunterly™, Daughter of the Noppera-Bo (Faceless Ghost); and Porter Geiss™, Son of a Poltergeist.”  My favorite is the new Lorna McNessie, part of the Monster High Exchange line with international monster dolls.  Now if only they could dress them in clothes that didn’t disgrace the name of monsters everywhere…do they really think that the Loch Ness Monster would let its daughter dress like a Bratz doll? Check out the full line here.

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