Kelly & Tom DeLonge Have More Than One Thing In Common…

Ok, so I can’t play the guitar. However, Tom DeLonge and I share a love for Christmas…and Aliens.  In late 2013, he wrote a children’s book – “A Lonely Astronaut on Christmas Eve” – about an astronaut who befriends a couple of aliens on Christmas Eve.  Clearly, this is at the top of my 2015 Christmas wish list now! On a more serious front, DeLonge is deeply involved in researching UFOs and Aliens. And I thought streaking on the streets of LA for a music video was controversial. “You take Christianity: a guy named Jesus came and died on the cross for everybody’s sins. That’s not as big of a story as what types of intelligences are living across the universe.”  In a recent interview with Michael Tedder of Paper Magazine, Tom DeLonge talks about his life-long passion for, and study of, extraterrestrial life.  The hours of video testimony on UFOs and Alien Intelligence that he talks about in the interview are the same video testimonies that I will be talking about on an upcoming Cryptids and Conspiracies segment! A very interesting interview, but I wish we had about 10,000 more words so he could elaborate on many of the nuggets he throws out there. Check out the full article here – maybe, someday, we can get him on the Frightday podcast to chat with me about UFOs!


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  1. Thoth
    April 1, 2016 at 9:30 PM — Reply

    Tom is a longe way off. Tom Delonge is very gullible and misguided. His ego, greed and stupidity now makes him the newest unwitting pawn of the military-industrial complex. A new mouthpiece for a decades-long apparatus of fear, greed and disinformation. Delonge is a marionette for a young generation being strung along by a bureaucracy of psychopaths. When Delonge’s mysterious aerospace engineer “friend” warned him to not to get in any black cars because “this is fucking serious business,” implying that Tom could go missing or be murdered, Tom should have seen it as a red flag! Those with other people’s best interests at heart promote love rather than fear (Ref: Coast-to-Coast AM with host George Knapp, Easter Sunday, 3-27-2016). It may take awhile, but one day Delonge will learn the hard way what happens to those who play in the devil’s band. ETs and UFOs are real, but so are the “Sekret Machines” created by the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned the public about just before he left office, before JFK was assassinated. Millions of Americans live hand-to-mouth in ghettos while trillions of dollars are “abducted” and “go missing” down the black-budget hole. ETs in this dimension and others have been around since before humans walked the Earth. The military-industrial complex needs an enemy to create public fear to keep the money rolling in. First it was the cold war, now it’s terrorism (Muslim and domestic), and tomorrow it will be “the evil aliens.”

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