Oh frabjous day! As any Frightday listener knows, I am a huge fan of Coast to Coast AM, the long-running paranormal radio show, and especially it’s original host, Art Bell.  In fact, my love of cryptids & conspiracies traces directly to the nights as a kid that I spent listening to Art Bell interview scientists like Michio Kaku and abductees like Whitley Strieber.

Last year, we were teased with a brief Sirius FM show Art hosted; for us true fans, the six week run was not nearly enough. But fear not, fellow Bell-ians! Midnight in the Desert – his new show – will air on Dark Matter radio, shortwave radio, and Art’s new website every weeknight from 9pm to midnight pacific time, midnight to 3 am eastern time.  Live listening will be free, and archived episodes are available for a mere $5 per month. One of the best bits of news about Bell’s re-entry to paranormal radio is that the listeners will be treated to his traditional, trademark bumper music.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with his musical selections for the show, you are in for a real treat.

Check out the sneak preview show on July 19th, with regular episodes beginning July 20th.  Kelly’s Cryptids & Conspiracies is thrilled to have another viable source for news and interviews regarding the realm of the paranormal. Welcome back, Art!!!

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