Another 666-Character Review of ‘Killing Ground’

A couple is redirected by an odd stranger to a new camping ground. They set up next to another tent and prepare to relax, but the arrival of a lost, injured toddler is only the beginning of the ordeal in their future. The Killing Ground is a well-constructed thriller with an unexpected form and conclusion. It centers on familiar tropes such as rural hicks attacking city people, but still brings something new.

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Most of the film presents two stories concurrently that occur in the same place about a week apart until people in the present catch up to what happened in the past. It’s revealed in a subtle way over time. The ending shocks with its darkness. The only flaw is with the nonsensical couple who made the most terrible decisions. Overall, the film is a fast paced, taut thriller worthy of your time.

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Elizabeth Talbott

Elizabeth Talbott

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