Friends, it happened.  Well, it almost happened.  Our Frightday team, while staying at the Stanley Hotel for the Stanley Film Festival, [almost] encountered a real, visible, witnessed-by-others ghost. A small, ghostly figure appeared in the third floor hallway, mere steps from our door, and began to drift slowly toward a couple sitting at a table near the floor’s landing. How exciting! Finally, Sam and Byron would have to acknowledge the existence of otherworldly spirits!

Unfortunately, we slept right through the apparition’s appearance and the spirit-board seance next door.

Unbeknownst to us, we were staying beside one of the hotel’s most haunted rooms – 324.  Luckily, Jen Yamato from The Daily Beast reported on the whole ordeal so I can read all the details and look back with utter sadness that I missed the specter that was RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR ROOM! Check out the full story here.  Next year, when we return to The Stanley Hotel, we will be consuming whatever energy drinks necessary to ensure we do NOT sleep through another paranormal experience.

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