A 666-Character Review of ‘Relaxer’

Joel Potraykus’s glimpse into wasted youth is equal parts grotesque & absurd. His muse, Joshua Burge (Buzzard) returns as Abbie; A pushover, man-child who in an attempt to impress his bully of an older brother, accepts the impossible challenge of beating the 256th level of Pac-Man. Joshua’s commitment to discomfort/comfort slouching without a shirt makes for a truly effectual performance. Our single location (a filthy apartment, centered on a loveseat) evolves as time passes, desperation ramps up, and fluids build up, making Relaxer the stickiest feeling screening I’ve experienced all year. If Smell-o-Vision™ was implemented, I promise you, I would have puked in my lap. This is one of the most unnecessary descents into madness I’ve seen committed to screen…and I enjoyed myself.R

Relaxer arrives in theaters March 22nd.0

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Byron McKoy

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