A 666-Character Review of ‘Hellraiser’

When a bit of spilled blood brings back the form of the man she had an affair with, Julia must decide if she will bring more to complete his resurrection. It’s a compelling premise; so much so that the demon(s) upon which a franchise was built feel like an almost unnecessary flourish. They serve a visually thematic purpose, and little else. Julia, her secret, and her family are a modern eldritch tale that stands on its own. That said, this film is incredibly intentional, with striking visuals and strongly defined themes throughout. It’s a grotesque exploration of desire, of the line between pain and pleasure and the lengths to which people will go for gratification. With some truly stomach-churning visuals, Hellraiser is a sadomasochistic experience, but worth it if you have the stomach.

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  1. JT
    October 5, 2017 at 12:52 PM — Reply

    Interesting take on the film. Enjoyed your succinct summary synopsis. Intriguing.

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