A 666-Character Review of ‘Halloween 3: Season of the Witch’

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch gets a bad rap that is unjustified. Although this instillation in the Halloween movie franchise doesn’t center on the disruption, mayhem, and murder Michael Myers, aka “The Shape”, causes, it does tell a super fun, dark tale about mass human sacrifice. Although the film’s story is a bit kooky at times, Halloween 3 manages to provide numerous creeps and a ton of amazing death sequences, courtesy of magic rock chunks, robots, and rigged Halloween masks. The movie also manages to stay scary rather than campy thanks to its commitment to putting innocent characters—children—in harm’s way. And even though the Halloween film franchise returned to using Michael Myers in its movies after 3, Halloween 3 is a welcome movie that holds its own inside—and outside—the series.

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Abbie Stutzer

Abbie Stutzer

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