A 666-Character Review of ‘Fraud’

Fraud is a marathon of quick cuts and rough cinematography that don’t seem to have a script. In other words, it’s found footage in top form. The film clocks in under one hour, and unfolds rather quickly as the family racks up debt, panics, and commits insurance fraud. The footage has a strong authentic quality to it, very reminiscent of legitimate home videos and how they’re typically shot by distracted moms and dads. The dialogue, however, is nearly nonexistent, very much a “show don’t tell” tactic that won’t pay off for everyone. Far from conventional horror, Fraud is a movie with a message. The monster is consumerism, the chases are dodging collections, and instead of hiding in a closet there’s lotto tickets.  It’s a fascinating exercise in filmmaking, but certainly is not for everyone.


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