A 666-Character Review of ‘Brain Damage’

A drug-injecting phallic monster, stomach-churning hallucinogenic sequences, and dozens of bloody, splattered brains… Brain Damage, a classic body horror film, has it all.

Brain Damage is a strange cinematic gem from the mind of Frank Henenlotter, a comedy horror and practical effects master. The film follows Brian, a 20-something man, as he becomes addicted to the blue “juice” of Elmer, an ancient slug-like creature who has a penchant for brains, bad jokes, and improved vaudeville tunes.

Brain Damage is a tight 86 minutes, but it’s filled with some of the most memorable kill scenes from the late-80s. Although the movie isn’t a conventional body horror flick, Brian’s gradual transformation from normal man to deranged juice addict makes Brain Damage a fun addition to the body horror sub-genre.

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Abbie Stutzer

Abbie Stutzer

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